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Beyond Imagination
''Beyond imagination'' is a family show that has been prepared for both adult viewers and children. The show can be performed by a soloist or a duet with an assistant.

A show of illusion effects, in which viewers get to know another world, a fairy-tale world in which impossible things become reality.

During the performance, selected people from the audience assist the illusionist in many of the presented plays, which provides a huge dose of humor and fun.
The show lasts from 20 minutes to 45 minutes.
In the program you can see many magic effects performed by the greatest illusionists in the world:

- a flying table, which initially floats in
the hands of the selected viewer, and
then summer throughout the scene

- teleportation effect of the glass and
bottle. Very spectacular, and at the
same time a comic number that
always surprises and brings
spectators to laughter

- instant release from shackles,
materializing the card viewer and
many other surprising illusions
Thanks to the extensive technical base, this program can be presented in all conditions, both on a large stage, outdoors, or in smaller enclosed objects with a more intimate atmosphere.

The show leaves an unforgettable artistic experience and is an original attraction during such events like:

- stage events
- outdoor events
- company events
- conferences
- balls
- occasional parties
- St. Nicholas Day
- children's day
- city days
- carnival balls
- a show at a community center
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