Illusion shows at your wedding



How to make guests remember your wedding for the rest of their lives?

Well NO !

Illusion shows are one of the most prestigious forms of entertainment, in particular, illusionists abroad can be admired in large theaters, entertainment halls or even football stadiums.

You definitely remember TV shows
David Copperfield, who penetrated the Chinese wall or caused the disappearance of the statue of liberty.

The large stage, lights, appropriate music, colorful scenery and Copperfield’s incredible personality and talent evoked a sense of real magic.

So what connects David’s show with our illusion show at a wedding, where there is no big stage?

Let me show you step by step what our show looks like in practice.

What will you gain by inviting us to your wedding party?

  • We will involve your wedding guests in active participation in all presented effects.

  • We will provide an incredibly original interlude between dance and the standard ‘hackneyed’ wedding scenario.

  • We will entertain both the youngest and the oldest viewers.

  • We will give everyone emotions that will remain in the memories of your guests for a long time.

  • We’ll call up volleys of laughter.

  • We will surprise you with our mysterious illusions.

  • We will tell a story in which a young couple will become the main characters.

  • We will transfer all guests to a world where impossible things become reality.


Stage illusion show 


A spectacular spectacle, the main characters of which are the young couple.

During the show, people from the audience are woven into different ones humorous stage events.

Perfectly matched musicsuitable acting.

All to introduce viewers into a mysterious other dimension the entertainment provided.

A specially prepared scenario and selection of effects 

will create the only such show only at your party!


The program lasts 25 minutes.


 In the program you can see many magic effects performed by greatest illusionists in the world.

  • levitation of an oak table in the hands of the bride

  • dancing white silk scarves to the famous hits of Michael Jackson

  • a trick with a plot in which, thanks to the love of the newlyweds, the prop always used merges into one

  • an effect in which the choices of Mrs and Groom match perfectly

  • the program also includes a trick prepared especially for the youngest viewers

  • penetration of the hand through a large glass and many other unique illusions that refer to the magic of feelings of the bride and groom


The performance is carried out by 2 people, an illusionist and his assistant,

Thanks to the extensive technical facilities, this program is ideal for wedding hall conditions. Our set design in the form of a black suede curtain, rich props and clouds of smoke will make all guests feel like they are in a world-wide show.




The show includes the presentation of tricks using everyday objects, such as coins, cards, laces, rubber bands etc.

The presentation takes place at the table, so that viewers can see all the objects up close.

Especially for the bride and groom we present a trick called “magic kiss” which 

we suggest that you always capture the picture or video.


This magical souvenir will forever remain in your memory.


Presentation time is set individually.


This form of presenting micro effects is a great complement to the stage program
” Magic of Love ”.

The perfect solution during a wedding. The presentation takes place in breaks between dance blocks. Thanks to this solution, your guests are not bored during breaks.


Choose the best for you!

Thanks to many years of experience in wedding shows, we have prepared various package options to effectively adapt to your needs.


  • “Magic of Love” stage illusion show – duration: 25 minutes.


  • “Magic of Love” stage illusion show – duration: 25 minutes.

  • Table illusion show – duration from 1h to 2h (determined individually depending on the number of guests).

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  • “Magic of Love” stage illusion show – duration: 25 minutes.

  • Table illusion show – unlimited show time, we charm you to the last table.

  • Creating a gift for the Bride and Groom or guests.

What makes us stand out ?

  • Full commitment – the art of illusion is our passion and constant profession and main place of work, so you can be sure that you invite a professional.

  • Numbers that speak for themselves – we give about 120 shows a year, not counting the shows at the Energylandia amusement park, where we charm every day for 180 days a year, giving 700 performances.

  • Original stage illusions visible to all guests.

  • Tricks presented in a new version. In our repertoire you will also find some effects that no other illusion artist in Poland presents.

  • Perfectly selected and arranged music – thanks to the appropriate music, perfectly matched accents, tempo and dynamics of a given piece of music, each effect acquires a unique atmosphere and enhances the experience of viewers.

  • Appropriate technical preparation – we bring our own curtain for each show carried out at a wedding party, which creates a magic atmosphere. Need props, smoke generator, and in some cases own sound and lighting.

  • Effects that David Copperfield himself popularized and performed.

What experience do we have?

  • 10 years on stage

  • Over 2,000 realized shows

  • Realization of cyclical family illusion shows for the Amusement Park in Zator in 2015 – 2017 where almost 48,000 viewers were enchanted

  • Realization of 615 performances for the largest Amusement Park in Poland in the 2018 season and 700 performances in 2019.

  • We performed at ‘Energylandia Festivals‘ supporting Maryla Rodowicz’s concert for over 10,000 audiences

  • We gave interviews and participated in various TV programs, including for such stations as: TVP 2, TVP Info, TVP 3, TVN.

  • From 30 to 40 shows per year at wedding receptions

  • We charmed over 150 young couples

  • We have received a certificate from the wedding portal ‘classy wedding‘, which recommends our services

Young couples thank us so!

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> Pokaz iluzji: zaskakuje, bawi, wzrusza, pozostaje w pamięci gości!


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