our history

A bit of history

Adrian Mitoraj I am an illusionist, musician and sound engineer.

  • I graduated from the Music Academy in Katowice at the faculty of Jazz and Stage Music.

  • I got interested in the art of illusion while still in kindergarten, where the magician came and presented his ”world of magic”, which strongly aroused my interest in this topic.

  • In the later years of my childhood, I was lucky enough to meet the European champion in the art of illusion, Grzegorz Klat, who became my teacher. He introduced me to the secrets of illusion and to this day he is my mentor.

  • Thanks to my musical education, I often pay attention to every accent in music that underlines at the moment the magic presentation of tricks. I think that as much as 50% depends on the music, whether the show will arouse the right emotions among viewers and will delight them. That is why my shows are characterized by attention to every detail, including music.
  • Over the years, I had the opportunity to train with the best illusionists in the world, regularly participating in various types of seminars conducted in Poland and abroad.

  • Since 2008, I have been a member of the National Club of Illusionists, which brings together all professional illusionists and enthusiasts of the art of illusion in Poland.

  • I have been performing with duo Aleksandra Pyka for two years, which allowed me to expand my repertoire with large illusions.

  • My motto: “Treat every one of your shows as if it was your most important performance in life”, “” Give each viewer such a good portion of illusion that you would like to experience yourself while watching an illusionist’s show. “

  • My determination, hard work, many hours of training in front of the mirror and numerous shows around the country allowed me to acquire the ability to give joy, emotions, and sometimes moments of emotion to viewers watching my show.

  • It is a great honor and distinction for me that you are interested in my illusion shows.